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A South African filmmaker traveled around the world asking people to dance for him and compiled the results of his work in a touching video.

While traveling in China two years ago, Miklas Manneke, began his 'passion project'.

He began asking strangers to bust a move in front of his lens, and continued with the initiative while visiting a wide range of countries including France, the US, Belgium, China, and Germany.

He went through four different generations of iPhones to shoot his video.

His two-minute clip shows some were initially reticent to dance for him, with one man even telling him: 'No I don't want to.'

But plenty of strangers were willing to participate, eventually warming up to the idea.

Speaking to Azania Mosaka, Mannake said his previous film was nominated for an academy award and that allowed him to travel the world.

Through that process, it actually happened in China, I was busy filming someone and as they turned around to look at me, I yelled and said 'do a dance for me' and without hesitation they danced and through that moment, everyone around me just started smiling.

Miklas Manneke, filmmaker

Listen below to this insightful interview:

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] SA Filmmaker asks 400 strangers around the world, 'Will you dance?'

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