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August 2012 marks an important month in South Africa's recent history. That was the month miners were shot dead by South African police.

Strike A Rock is a ground-breaking feature that offers a counterpoint to Rehad Desai’s acclaimed documentary Miners Shot Down.

Aliki Saragas, who created 'Strike A Rock' says her project shows the events leading up to the deaths of 37 striking miners at Marikana as it follows the stories of a group of often forgotten women fighting for justice after the massacre at Marikana.

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It's important to be inserting these narratives into the discourse.

Aliki Saragas, Director and producer

My film is not only about the widows of Marikana but also a group of women that rose directly after the massacre. These are women who were born out of the crisis of Marikana.

Aliki Saragas, Director and producer

Saragas goes on to say that the group of women she features in the project are fighting for justice around the mine. She says her film also highlights and tells a story of post Marikana and what hasn't changed in the community.

It focuses on the living conditions which preempted the strike.

Aliki Saragas, Director and producer

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This article first appeared on 702 : Strike A Rock: A story about the women of Marikana

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