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There are moms from all over the Western Cape who love sharing their experiences of motherhood and bits of advice they have collected about parenting.

So, to celebrate Mother's Day, we are going to feature some of the great ones from around Cape Town! Today we chatted to Tracey Porter:

What is the name of your blog?

The Milk Memoirs

What is it about?

The Milk Memoirs is very much about the realness of mothering and parenthood. Everything from birth, breastfeeding, travel (local and international) to crafts, fun parties, date night ideas and the rawness of motherhood and this incredible journey we all are on.

It even covers the not so fun parts like potty training. It essentially touches on all facets of lifestyle from a parenting perspective and aims to serve as an honest resource for all parents out there, as well as a chronicle for us to time capsule all these precious, yet fleeting moments we have with the kids.

(And possibly also as proof one day, to my kids of exactly how I landed in the nuthouse)

Why did you start it and who is it for?

I had been through the trenches of having to fight for my rights to have natural birth, and the even deeper darker trenches of the often challenging journey of breastfeeding, and came out feeling triumphant and empowered.

Along this journey of mine, I discovered all these hard to find resources and all these forms of support that were so instrumental to my success. There were all these incredibly skilled people who helped me along the way. The information, the techniques, but so little awareness about their existence.

And when chatting to friends, acquaintances or even random mothers at clinics or in the store queue, what often came up was that they too had suffered a similar path to me except had no idea that these resources existed. Or that certain options were available to them. Or that something was actually within their rights, but was denied. All too often, I heard, “I wish I knew about that”.

I realised I needed to share this valuable information, and I decided that if I could help even just ONE mom out there by sharing my story and creating awareness around the existence and value of these resources, then it would be worth it. So I started the blog, and hope to empower more mothers and fathers through this information and my experience.

Also, I hope that one day my kids, if they’re as curious about me as I am about my own mother and her journey, that they will stumble across this treasure trove of memories captured in pictures, precious moments stitched together in words and just a wormhole back into these divinely chaotic and crazy beautiful days of milk breath, “poffer” feet and fleeting childhood.

It’s for every parent out there looking for acknowledgement of just how hard this journey is, or how gloriously rewarding it can be; For any parent looking for information to help them along the way. Or any parent looking for fun ideas or just looking to connect. It’s for all parents

The best piece of advice you got about Motherhood?

The best advice I got was to not be too hard on myself or compare myself to the next mother. We each have our own unique journey that we’re on, and that doing your best as a mother is all you can do - there is no point in beating yourself up about it when you do drop the ball.

Because those balls? They will be dropped – don’t fool yourself – and its ok.

Truthfully though, it’s easier said than done to put and keep this into practice, but oh so very freeing when one actually does. It’s a constant work in progress for me.

And the best lesson I learnt was that every mother needs to learn the art of asking for help. It’s the best Motherhood survival skill you could cultivate for yourself. And for many it will be a very new and tricky skill to develop. Its’ not a sign of weakness.

Instead, recognizing that you are reaching your breaking point, and being able to reach out to someone for help, is in fact a sign of strength and of being in control of your situation. And it certainly doesn’t make you less of a mother.

What do you really want for Mother's Day?

Actually not much. I like the usual:

Let me sleep in. Have breakfast in bed served up on a tray with some pretty flowers the kids picked. (hopefully not stolen from the neighbours garden).

All of us to laze in the bed with nowhere to rush to. Later let me have a quiet bubble bath. No cooking for the day, but always fed. And just some nice chill time with the family. That’s heaven to me.

Where can we find your blog?

Blog: https://themilkmemoirs.wordpress.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/traxgport

Facebook: www.facebook.com/themilkmemoirs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/milkmemoirs

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