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At around 5am on a freezing Saturday morning in the middle of winter, two police offers were handing out food to group of homeless kids in Kenilworth.

They didn't know that they were being photographed, and that someone would tell Ryan O'Connor about them.

After searching for two months for the names of these officers, we found out that they were SAPS Constable Eugene Arendse and Constable Sizwe Mjuleni. What was even more amazing was that they had payed for the food out of their own pockets.

To honour their good work, beyond the call of duty, they were presented with a Lead SA Award by Ryan O'Connor and Yusuf Abramjee of Crimeline.

Ian spoke to them during the Brunch show, to find out why they felt the need to help these homeless children, even though they thought no one was watching:

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