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Kfm and Dineplan are giving you a chance to keep your favourite local spots open after the lockdown.

Just as your favourite local spot’s been there for you when you needed them, they need you now more than ever!

With help from Kfm 94.5 and Dineplan, you can save your local spot from shutting down during the lockdown, one voucher at a time.

Lekker Vegan is one of the businesses seeking your assistance.

EB Inglis chats to James Knaap, of Lekker Vegan about the challenges they're facing during the lockdown.

...we focus on the comfort dishes that you like, but we make them plant-based...

- James Knaap, Owner of Lekker Vegan

... we can actually all those items that you like, the taste, the flavour, the texture and everything from plant-based ingredients, so we can use the proteins of peas, and of wheat... there's a range of plant proteins that we can use to mimic the same textures... and it actually tastes great...

- James Knaap, Owner of Lekker Vegan

Every restaurant is very much dependant on their cash flow, with the lockdown in effect, what happened is that restaurants don't have enough capital to pay off all the credits that they have outstanding, because every supplier gives us a 30-day credit... so with lockdown we have to pay for those 30-days while there's no money coming in for that stock...

- James Knaap, Owner of Lekker Vegan

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To save your favourite hair salon, coffee shop, nail bar, laundromat, coffee or any other small business from shutting down, hit here now and buy a voucher.

If you are a small business, sign up so your loyal customers can find you. Save your Faves with Vouchers from Dineplan. More on Kfm.co.za

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