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Kfm and Dineplan are giving you a chance to keep your favourite local spots open after the lockdown.
Just as your favourite local spot’s been there for you when you needed them, they need you now more than ever!

With help from Kfm 94.5 and Dineplan, you can save your local spot from shutting down during the lockdown, one voucher at a time.

Reverie Social Table in Observatory needs your help.

Tracey Lange speaks to talented Chef Julia Hattingh of the Reverie Social Table about the challenges they are facing during the lockdown and how you can help.

Our last service was on the 19th of March...

- Chef Julia Hattingh of the Reverie Social

The alcohol restrictions and travel ban made it near to impossible for restaurants to operate.

- Chef Julia Hattingh of the Reverie Social

During the time that we can't have our usual guests through the doors, sitting at the social table, we've been assisting with providing meals to doctors at Groote Schuur Hospital and also more recently helping Ladles of Love in town, making 100L of soup a day for them.

- Chef Julia Hattingh of the Reverie Social

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