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Kfm and Dineplan are giving you a chance to keep your favourite local spots open after the lockdown.

Just as your favourite local spot’s been there for you when you needed them, they need you now more than ever!

With help from Kfm 94.5 and Dineplan, you can save your local spot from shutting down during the lockdown, one voucher at a time.

The Mash Tun is an established restobar in the heart of vibey Woodstock, focusing on a variety of artisanal food and beverages.

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie chats to Owner, Russ Meyer about how his business is coping in lockdown.

... we started very small, we literally had two taps of craft draught at a food market, we then added a bit of wine to it, became a wine and beer bar, then it became a gin cocktail bar at the same time... and then we progressed to what we have now, six years later which is a restaurant, a bar and an events space...

- Russ Meyer, Owner of The Mash Tun

Make no mistake, this COVID-19 has been far-reaching, particularly in our industry, we've got a lot of people suffering at the moment, and we needed to step up as business owners, we needed to put our best foot forward and say, let's try something different...

- Russ Meyer, Owner of The Mash Tun

... we came up with different initiatives, for one, we took our business from people coming through the door to online. The very first opportunity we got to do that, we started our online delivery service...

- Russ Meyer, Owner of The Mash Tun

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