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Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours and Cape To Addo Safaris was established in 2005 out of a dream and desire to take guests on authentic and exhilarating adventure experiences. The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipients offers a wide range of adventure tours, activities and experiences, as well as multi-day scheduled and private tours, safaris and packages around Cape Town, the Garden Route and Kruger National Park.

As a company that requires physical participation, Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and travel bans. And, with no incoming revenue, the owners have resorted to selling some of their vehicles to avoid having to retrench staff or close our doors altogether.

EB Inglis chats with Barry O’Donoghue, the owner of Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours about the challenges the business has faced and how we can help keep the lights on.

... we've been going since 2005, so we're an established business, we've been around for 15 years. Our focus has always been on adventure and experiences and that on everything from sandboarding in Cape Town, to tours up and down the Garden Route...

- Barry O’Donoghue, Owner of Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours

... traditionally we're quite reliant on international visitors, and our whole focus has been on authentic experiences...

- Barry O’Donoghue, Owner of Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours

The tourism industry, on the whole, has really been hit hard... we as a company have effectively seen all of our bookings pretty much until the end of the year, cancelled, and that's resulted in no revenue, no income coming through for the business... it's unprecedented...

- Barry O’Donoghue, Owner of Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours

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