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Office Anthems with Tracey Lange

Whether it’s letting your co-workers know that they’re just too good to be true… and that you can’t take your eyes off their work. Or telling your office crush to give you all their work, work, work, work, work, work – because you’ll do all their work, work, work, work, work, work. Or passively letting Paul know that every breath he takes, every move he makes – you’ll be watching him, because you found out he broke your office mug…

There’s a better way to let your colleagues know how you feel. Kfm Office Anthems with Tracey Lange. Weekdays at 10:15am. Tracey Lange wants to make sure she’s playing the songs you love while you’re at the office. Tell us where you work and the songs you want to hear in the spaces below and you could give your colleagues a shout out live on air and Tracey could play your jams.

Office Anthems with Tracey Lange on Kfm 94.5. The most music to make you feel great at work.

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