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Kfm 94.5 is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with JP Duminy and his charity, the JP21 Project. With a deep commitment to reignite the passion and enthusiasm for the game of cricket in underprivileged communities and schools, the charity was founded in 2014.

Currently 23 schools participate in the school cricket league with additional schools expected to join. Over 400 learners actively participate in the league each week, and teachers that represent the schools have gone through a level 1 coaching course.

Ideals such as authenticity and integrity lie at the centre of the management of the project, with the singular goal; to serve the communities and learners. This is achieved by:

• Up skilling teachers through coaching and umpiring courses
• Revitalising cricket facilities in schools
• Establishing recognised and formal leagues
• Providing schools with equipment
• Providing social interaction opportunities with learners using external service providers
• Building partnerships with various stakeholders
• Establishing a Fundraising program
• Introducing “Lets pray” (Youth ministry program) to the community
• Establishing a holiday program
• Providing Winter nets

To support the project on key challenges such as transport, venue hire and primary funding, email the Project Manager jamaine@jp21project.co.za

Through the game of cricket, the JP 21 Project, aims to inspire and motivate learners to become role models within their own communities and help bring hope for a better tomorrow to communities influenced by crime and poverty.
The JP1 Project is proudly supported by Kfm 94.5