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The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance has released its annual report for 2019.

How did they perform in the past year?

How many complaints were received?

Wendy Knowler, Consumer Ninja, tells The Money Show.

I'm really excited for the 2020 report especially with insurance - one thing the ombuds CEO revealed was obviously their complaints have been weighed down...why? Because half of their complaints have traditionally been around motor insurance claims and accidents.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

We have not been on the road much and so those accidents have not been happening but we have not seen the corresponding lowering of premiums...

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

If you buy a car it's important to realise that buying the car over its lifetime is only the beginning before the extra costs - it's not just the monthly instalments; it's insurance and everything else on top.

My 21-year-old son's policy is three, four times what mine would be...one tends to not factor that in.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Listen to the full interview about the report below.

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This article first appeared on 702 : The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance report - what were the complaints?

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