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The banking ombuds report has been released.

How many complaints were received and in how many cases was the ruling in favour of the consumer?

A total of 6472 cases were formally opened last year and in only 28 per cent of those cases did the ombuds office rule in favour of the consumer. They did caution that it is in keeping with global benchmarks. Many of the cases were settled with the consumer.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Internet banking topped the list of complaints that customers are sending through. A big trend was also credit card fraud. ATM complaints were in number three position. For me the most interesting part of the report is the case studies.

Wendy Knowler, consumer journalist

Listen to the full interview below for more detail on the type of complaints and the case studies.

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This article first appeared on 702 : The banking report is out - our Consumer Ninja takes a look

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