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A number of videos have been posted of people swimming to the Bos 400 barge shipwreck, some board the vessel and dive off. The vessel ran aground in 1994 between Llandudno and Hout Bay.

The NSRI has already been called out three times in the past month to assist those who have found themselves in difficulty there.

Refilwe Moloto speaks to NSRI CEO Dr Cleeve Robertson.

It's been there a long time. I have dived in and around the Bos for as long as it's been there.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

It has been spurred on by social media posts and others who show people swing jumping and jumping off the crane.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

It is a very dangerous kind of structure, full of bird poop, it is very slippery.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

It is not even so much as what is above the water, it is what is below the water. So often you cannot see the wreckage underneath the water.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

A jumper could hit a piece of wreckage under the water, he notes.

A jump from that crane is probably a 20 metre jump. If you jump from that height the water is not soft anymore. If you fall wrong it is like hitting a brick wall.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

Three serious injuries have occurred there recently, he says.

Just do not get on here. It is decaying over time.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

Salvage or removal costs are too high he explains, so it is not going anywhere.

Listen to the interview with Dr Roberstson in the audio below:

Watch the video below showing NSRI Station-8 Hout Bay and Station-2 Bakoven responding to a call for assistance. A hiker was injured while jumping off the BOS 400 crane wreck. The patient was successfully rescued and taken to hospital by METRO ambulance

Local Nicolas Anema shared a video a few months ago on YouTube of he and a group of friends taking a dive off the wreck.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [VIDEOS] Why NSRI implores public to stay off Bos 400 shipwreck near Llandudno

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