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Social distancing in the global pandemic has deprived us of live concert experiences and attending crowd-filled sporting events.

With the intention of reopening economies and societies and to get life back on track again, Robert Quirke developed Health Passport Worldwide.

The company aims to safely re-open the events industry in South Africa, using the latest developments in rapid COVID-19 testing and secure Health Passport Europe mobile technology.

You can imagine that overnight tourism closes down, the airport closes down, it's 90% down in international traffic, there are jobs lost, there are families with no hope on the horizon for over a year... so it's really time now to get life back on track.

Robert Quirke, CEO of Health Passport Worldwide

This technology does two things, in our response model to COVID-19 we knew that having accessibility to testing would be key, combined with technology to make everything very efficient.

Robert Quirke, CEO of Health Passport Worldwide

This platform is a digital way that people can get access to their test results very quickly and then can go out into the world and do whatever it is they wanted to do. So, get on a plane, go to an event, go visit your parents and do it very safely.

Robert Quirke, CEO of Health Passport Worldwide

This technology allows for these great efficiencies for events, sports and travel tourism to get back on track again.

Robert Quirke, CEO of Health Passport Worldwide

For more info, visit the Health Passport South Africa website.

Update regarding the pricing:

Robert Quirke, Founder and CEO of Health Passport Worldwide says, “The Health Passport technology is free for the healthcare industry and for the public. We don't control the pricing of various COVID-19 test centres.”

Listen to Kfm Mornings' full conversation with Robert Quirke in the audio clip below, or scroll down to watch the interview on video.

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