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Kfm Mornings says no to fluffy motivation with a compilation of hard truths.

"Excuses sound best to the person that's making them up — stop feeling sorry for yourself, get off the pity party, telling everybody your sad and sob stories trying to get people to show up to your pity parties and your pity parades"

"Awaken the beast inside — it's game on, it's go season"

"You have a problem with your life? You have a problem with your environment? So do something about it"

"Recognise that the excuses are not valid — they're conjured up, they're fabricated, they're lies"

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Failure is legendary. It means you're willing to try
Your greatest miracle will always be in your scary place
The secret to living longer may be in your social life
Don’t let yourself get caught up in the trap of comparison
Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree
Everything in life happens according to our time

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