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19 February marks International Tug-of-War Day!

EB Inglis shared that he would choose Brandon Leigh, Sibs from Kfm Mornings and Mitch Matyana to be on his side of the rope.

He then asked his lunchtime listeners to pick their team from the Kfm presenter line-up.

Listen to the audio below to hear what they had to say!

Here are 5 facts about Tug-of-War, from express.co.uk

  1. "An Egyptian wall engraving from around 2500 BC depicts the oldest known tug-of-war contest. However the phrase “tug-of-war” for the sport goes back only to the late 19th century."

  2. "Tug-of-war featured in the summer Olympics from 1900 to 1920. Britain won the event twice."

  3. "Canadian Inuits hold a version of tug-of-war called “aarsaraq” which is played sitting down."

  4. "In international competition the rope must be at least 33.5m long with a circumference between 10cm and 12.5cm."

  5. "Tug Of War was the title of Paul McCartney’s first album following the murder of John Lennon."

Who would you choose to be on your Tug-of-War team, comment on our Facebook post, below!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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