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We've all heard scary stories of families who have lost the homes they've grown up in all because a proper will was not put in place before the death of their loved one.

As tough and as uncomfortable it is to speak about death planning, it's an important conversation to have for the sake of your family.

Tracey Lange calls on Financial Planner, Jeffrey Wiseman to find out how to ensure that our houses go to who we intend to leave them to when we pass away.

The home is something that is so important to so many people... One wants to make sure that if you do pass away, that you have plans in place to make sure that it goes to the people that you love.

Jeffrey Wiseman, Financial Planner

If you leave assets to somebody, you need to name them and describe them... what if you have two people that have the same name? ... make sure that the people that you name in the will... are clearly and accurately described.

Jeffrey Wiseman, Financial Planner

A will needs to be clear, it can't be ambiguous.

Jeffrey Wiseman, Financial Planner

Listen to the FULL conversation below with Jeffrey Wiseman to find out how to prepare a clear will where your intended loved ones inherit your assets.

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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