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How do you make a baby girl or boy?

Darren Simpson has been blessed with two sons and now his wife wants a third child. He says he'll consider it but only if they can somehow guarantee that this time it'll be a girl.

He adds that his family is one of just boys — Darren is one of three boys, his father was one of three boys and his brother has two boys.

"Knowing me, I'll have twin boys!"

Now he's been researching how to have a girl. According to a study involving 32 couples, diet can play a part in determining a baby's gender.

The study says that to conceive a girl, the mother-to-be should eat foods “low in potassium and sodium but high in calcium and magnesium, to make the uterus more ‘female-friendly’.”

Like ice-cream and yoghurt!

And to have a baby boy, eat lots of salty foods and increase glucose intake.

Darren turns to Kfm Mornings listeners to share their old wives' tales and methods to predict a baby's gender.

Listen to the full conversation in the audio clip below.

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