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Getting back into your old work routine after being on holiday for a few weeks can be challenging.

For some, it's a quick and easy adjustment while others might feel like they need another break, pronto!

EB Inglis asked his listeners how long it takes them to adjust back into work mode after they've come back from annual leave.

I'd also like to know how people get into work mode because I'm not even in work mode when I'm at work.

Kfm Listener

I think I have to take another week off

Kfm Listener

It takes me at least two days to fall back in after holiday, the first day I get home and want to sleep early and then the next day I'm ready to go at it again for a full year.

Kfm Listener

Listen to all the voice notes from EB Inglis' lunchtime show in the audio clip below.

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