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We all have that one thing that leaves us feeling satisfied, content and wholly fulfilled.

For Sibs, her happy place is watching live or test cricket. Kfm Mornings asked their listeners to weigh in and share what makes them the happiest.

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As expected, it's the simple things in life that tend to bring us to a state of nirvana.

Here are a just few of their responses!

• Delicious food
• Cannabis
• Sleeping
• Ice-cream makes me the happiest
• Going away on holiday
• Dancing to loud music with my husband
• New pair of sneakers
• Hanging with the boys
• Being in nature
• Cooking for my family

Listen below to the FULL conversation below, and find out what ranks at number 1 according to a global study!

Tell us what makes you the happiest by commenting on this Facebook post.

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