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Kfm Mornings share an online learning PSA before opening the floor for teachers to reveal online learning mishaps.

The new normal of learning through virtual classrooms has not been easy on teachers, parents and children alike.

Things haven't been perfect and at times, teachers have been put in awkward situations like overhearing inappropriate conversations or young students refusing to get fully dressed for class.

Darren Simpson says while it's been a challenge for kids to realise that they have to take online learning seriously, parents have to accept partial blame as well.

He admits he's guilty of some of these transgressions.

Here are a few remote-learning etiquettes shared by US educator, Edith Pride:

• Wake your children up early enough to feed them and get them dressed for school
• Make sure your child has the book, pencil and paper when they sit in front of the computer
• No laying down in the bed
• Parents, please make sure that you have on proper clothing when you're walking in front of or behind the computer
• Children on the computer can hear your conversation, so please use proper language
• When you're helping your kids at the computer, don't appear with big joints or cigarettes.

Listen to the edit played on Kfm Mornings below, plus teacher's share their online learning fails.

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