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She's fierce, fabulous, and fearless...meet SIVanna!

Last week actor and comedian Siv Ngesi revealed his gorgeous alter-ego on social media and his fans and fellow entertainers are loving his new look!

Channeling legendary drag artist RuPaul and wearing a body-hugging red gown adorned with sequins, a flowing, blond wig, and killer heels the Knuckle City star was working his feminine new-look.

"I think I've always been inspired by drag and drag is an incredible art form', says Siv.

Siv's incredible new look was put together by local drag artist and designer Manila von Teez.

In order to get the full and authentic drag look, Manila insisted on teaching 'Superman' how to 'tuck'.

"Tucking is where you put your man bits and you fold it into female bits"

Click the video to watch Siv's full transformation:

Despite receiving huge love and support for his new look, some people just didn't seem to get it.

"Weird is considered normal nowadays. I'm cringing!" posted one Twitter user.

While @Bule_PN seemed totally confused, mistakenly equating Siv's drag look to Caitlyn Jenner's transition.

But fitness-fanatic Siv seemed unperturbed by any haters or homophobia and confidently deflected any negative energy being directed his way.

He's also refused to be drawn into curiosity about his love life or sexual preferences.

When asked whether he was gay, Siv simply answered 'Non [SIC] of your business!'

All hail Queen Sivanna!

Scroll to see more pics of Siv's transformation:

Siv was a guest on Weekend Breakfast with Sara-Jayne King recently - take a listen to the podcast of that interview by clicking below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Life's no drag for Siv Ngesi's stunning alter-ego SIVanna!

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