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Fresh on the heels of WhatsApp's changes to its privacy terms, Telegram announced that the encrypted messaging app has registered 25 million new users in just three days.

Russia-born founder Pavel Durov said on Tuesday that Telegram surpassed 500 million monthly active users with 25 million new users joining in three days alone.

"This is a significant increase compared to last year when 1.5M new users signed up every day. We've had surges of downloads before, throughout our 7-year history of protecting user privacy. But this time is different."

He added that "People no longer want to exchange their privacy for free services."

Changes to WhatsApp's terms of service sparked concerns over privacy, prompting users to download competitor apps like Telegram and Signal.

In a statement, Facebook shared that, "The update does not change WhatsApp’s data-sharing practices with Facebook and does not impact how people communicate privately with friends or family wherever they are in the world. WhatsApp remains deeply committed to protecting people's privacy."

The change comes into effect on 8 February.

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Image Credit: Pixabay.com

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