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Fetch your life in 2021!

If you're motivated to make some changes in your life, but feeling stuck or frustrated, here are some tips from an expert.

Tracey Lange calls on certified Life Coach and Author of 21 Days in Full Bloom, Lucia Dramat to share her techniques on how to make sure that your life blossoms in 2021.

It's not about putting the perfect picture together, but sometimes it's just about making that mental shift to get your mind into a more positive place so you can be more productive.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

Here are three tips to help your life bloom in 2021.

Tip #1

If you want to start this year on a good foot, work on getting your mind clear, uncluttered and focused by shifting your negative and fearful thoughts to a new, positive habit.

The main thing is getting the mind in place. Your opportunities, your joy, your productivity, everything starts in the mind.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

Tip #2

Physical activity helps your body and your mind.

Start walking again - it's not about having a summer body - it's just for your mind.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

Tip #3

Write down your negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with uplifting ones.

Write them down, and then decide what are the positive thoughts that are going to get you the things you want in life.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

Listen to Lucia Dramat's chat with Tracey Lange in the audio clip, below.

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