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The Mandalorian was the most pirated television show of 2020, according to Jan Vermeulen of MyBroadband.

The Star Wars spinoff is not legally available in South Africa.

More from Vermeulen:

Most-pirated TV shows of 2020:

  1. The Mandalorian

  2. The Boys

  3. Westworld

  4. Vikings

  5. Star Trek: Picard

  6. Rick and Morty

  7. Walking Dead

  8. The Outsider

  9. Arrow

  10. The Flash

“The top three nicely shows how fragmented the online entertainment industry has become,” commented filesharing blog TorrentFreak.

“In order to watch all three series, one needs three separate subscriptions.”

It’s notable that Netflix doesn’t have a show in the top-10.

Jeremy van Wyk interviewed Vermeulen.

The reason there are no Netflix shows on that list is that pirates have Netflix accounts.

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

The Mandalorian is just a great show…

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

People prefer to pirate Amazon Prime shows rather than pay for them... For some reason, people pay for Netflix but not for Amazon Prime… People are only willing to pay for one subscription…

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

What Game of Thrones did for HBO is what The Mandalorian is doing for Disney+ … They’re sitting on a hit! … People are willing to pay for Disney+ to access The Mandalorian.

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

People are cancelling their DStv Premium subscriptions… and going to Netflix instead… they do without sport, simply because they don’t have money…

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

The streaming video space is so confusing… figuring out what is where is too much effort… Piracy won’t stop so long as there are geographic restrictions on content… The price point is essential…

Jan Vermeulen, editor-at-large - MyBroadband

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 10 most-pirated shows of 2020: 'We pay for Netflix – and not much else'

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