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When South Africans entered Level 5 Lockdown we never could have imagined that 266 days later we would still be in lockdown even if it is currently level 1.

But one man decided he was going to make the most of the situation and decided to have a braai.

This was also the moment when Martin Kift decided that he would braai for the rest of the (at that time 3 week) lockdown.

Now 266 days later Martin is still braaiing every day!!!

He doesn't just braai the normal "tjoppie" and "braaibroodjie" but also uses the braai to make other dishes including pasta's and potjie.

So dedicated is Martin to his braai-o-thon that he continued braaiing when he and his family recently went on holiday - ditching restaurants for a braai.

Carl caught up with Martin ahead of his next braai tonight.

Image Credit: Supplied/Martin Kift

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