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Google is investing R2.2 billion into an undersea fibre optics cable in Cape Town that will provide high-speed internet to the rest of South Africa.

It will link to its new cable that stretches from Portugal.

The cable has 20 times more capacity than the one currently linking Europe with South Africa.

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Google’s investment came on the back of the recently held Presidential Investment Summit at which numerous other multinational companies have also pledged investments.

Kieno Kammies interviewed Tim Harris, CEO at Wesgro about Google’s investment.

They also spoke about the Amdec Group dropping about R2 billion on Cape Town’s Foreshore.

Google’s deal is a great one… a major infrastructure play… the new cable will land at Melkbosstrand…

Tim Harris, CEO - Wesgro

This announcement by Google shores up our positioning… as Africa’s tech hub.

Tim Harris, CEO - Wesgro

The Foreshore is a frustrating space… strategically well-positioned… but, historically… a fairly sterile space personified by apartheid-era architecture… The Amdec deal… is pretty innovative… unlocking the street-level economy, even as they build this extraordinary structure above it… with uninterrupted views of the ocean… a multi-billion rand boost to the central city…

Tim Harris, CEO - Wesgro

For more detail, listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Google to land its new R2.2 billion cable in Melkbosstrand near Cape Town

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