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Country music icon Dolly Parton has over the decades touched untold numbers of people with hits such as “Jolene” and “9 to 5”.

She also helped bankroll research into Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, which is turning out to be more effective (94.5%) than many pundits dared to hope for.

In April, Parton donated more than R15 million to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

The centre used that money to help Moderna develop its breakthrough vaccine.

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Parton made headlines earlier in the year with her crusade to entertain quarantined families.

Her “Goodnight with Dolly” series featured the beautiful human reciting bedtime stories in her pyjamas every Thursday for 10 weeks.

The singer previously donated 100 million books to kids in need, perhaps the largest book-donation ever made.

"I’m just happy that anything I do can help somebody else," said Parton when asked to comment on the effectiveness of Moderna's vaccine.

"When I donated the money to the Covid fund, I just wanted it to do good, and evidently it is."

“What does Dolly Parton do when she's not delivering more than 100 million books to kids who need them?” asked Washington Post’s Cathleen Decker.

“She helps finance a Covid-19 vaccine!"

Kieno Kammies interviewed Barbara Friedman about this and other trending stories of the day.

She’s such a generous woman! She’s a millionaire – not a billionaire – because she gives away so much money.

Barbara Friedman, presenter - Barb's Wire

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Dolly Parton partly funded Moderna’s 94.5% effective Covid-19 vaccine

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