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Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in the age group 15 to 40.

EB Inglis chats to Chris Vermeulen about 'Love Your Nuts', a non-profit testicular cancer awareness initiative.

The 'Love Your Nuts' campaign is all about educating people about testicular cancer... they go to schools and ... educate kids about it

Chris Vermeulen, 'Love Your Nuts'

They like to challenge people to be ballsy and to do something nuts in one of their speedos - to grab attention.

Chris Vermeulen, 'Love Your Nuts'

They have an awesome system to help patients with cancer ... emotionally it's draining and it's just good to have somebody that knows how it feels

Chris Vermeulen, 'Love Your Nuts'

Thorsten, the Founder of the 'Love Your Nuts' campaign, he's a survivor... he's such an inspiration.

Chris Vermeulen, 'Love Your Nuts'

To raise awareness to the cause, on November 28th, Vermeulen will hike up and down Lion's Head wearing 'love your nuts' swimwear as often as possible within 12 hours time.

'Love Your Nuts' have also started a fundraising campaign where the money raised will be used for the development of an app for teachers and school children.

Listen below to the full interview.

Visit www.loveyournuts.org for further information, facts, success stories and more!

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