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Winde made the announcement during a special address delivered in the Western Cape Legislature last week Thursday.

As a part of long-term measures to curb alcohol abuse in the province, the Western Cape government has proposed major amendments to the Western Cape Liquor Act.

The amendments include the consideration of a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol, reports Business Insider.

"I can announce that we have now put 'per-unit-of-alcohol' pricing firmly on the table for consideration," Winde told members of the provincial legislature.

This will make it more expensive to buy alcoholic beverages with higher alcohol percentages; an approach which evidence suggests can be effective in preventing binge drinking.

Alan Winde, Western Cape Premier

We will also consider stricter times for the sale of alcohol, even after the expiry of the National State of the Disaster regulations.

Alan Winde, Western Cape Premier

Winde says he would like for the proposed changes to be fast-tracked as an urgent priority.

Business Insider editor Helena Wasserman says MUP rules have been successfully implemented in the Canadian province of British Columbia, and in Scotland in 2018.

Over the past few months, a number of researcher and academics have proposed tougher measures to curb alcohol abuse in South Africa.

The proposed measures have included increasing the price of alcohol, both through excise taxes and by introducing a minimum price per unit of pure alcohol in liquor products.

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Last week, the premier said they want minimum unit prices on alcohol.

Helena Wasserman, Editor - Business Insider SA

This has happened in a Canadian province and most recently it has happened in Scotland, where there was a massive resistance initially.

Helena Wasserman, Editor - Business Insider SA

It actually worked. They did see a drop in alcohol-related problems in Scotland but after a lot of legal disputes.

Helena Wasserman, Editor - Business Insider SA

Listen to Helena Wasserman in conversation with Koketso Sachane:

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