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The third annual SweepSouth Report on Pay and Working Conditions for Domestic Work in South Africa was released yesterday.

The company surveyed almost 5,000 worker's across the country who were employed by SweepSouth and privately, looking into their living and working conditions.

Co-Founder at Sweepsouth Aisha Pandor joined the Clement Manyathela Show. She indicated that the global pandemic and lockdown had a negative impact on domestic workers as they suffered serious financial pressure as their cost of living had increased while their income decreased.

One of the concerning things for us was the decreased spending on food, for example, and knowing many people have dependants.

Aisha Pandor, Co-Founder - Sweepsouth

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Pandor says many domestic workers have had to work less as their employers are struggling to pay them, which have led many workers to not be able to pay their landlords.

Even though they missed paying rent they would have to catch up and their landlord weren’t able or willing to be understanding.

Aisha Pandor, Co-Founder - Sweepsouth

Pandor says there have been discrepancies between South African and foreign workers when it comes to financial assistance from the government.

South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers’ Union (Sadsawu) Secretary General Myrtle Witbooi also joined the conversation supporting Pandor's statement that many workers either have lost their jobs or are working less.

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