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In 2006, after a careless person’s cigarette butt devastated Table Mountain, the City of Cape Town created a “stompie hotline”.

If you witness someone throwing a lit cigarette butt out of a car, call 021 424 7715 to report the incident.

The hotline is available 24 hours per day.

If you feel moved to do so, please share the stompie hotline (021 424 7715) number with everyone you know. Let’s get it saved on every phone in our cruel, crazy, breathtakingly beautiful city!

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Have as much of the following information at hand as possible:

  • Information to identify the vehicle and its owner (e.g. registration, make, colour, etc.)

  • Time and location of the incident

  • Who chucked the stompie? Was it the driver or a passenger? Which passenger?

The City will send a warning letter to the accused and issue a fine of R1500 if found guilty.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Fire season: Save the 'stompie hotline' on your phone – Cape Town needs you!

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