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Mindful Meals supply bulk feeding schemes with quality products and aim to find innovative and effective ways to feed the communities of South Africa with nutritional hot meals.

Started during the lockdown, the family-run company has developed an innovative product that can feed 120 people for less than R4 per person.

Tracey Lange chats to Founder of the initiative, Kay Isaacs.

During the lockdown period there was such a huge demand for feeding schemes and for food parcels, so basically what we did was we combined all the ingredients into one pack...

Kay Isaacs, Founder of Mindful Meals

It's fresh ingredients that's been dehydrated, so it doesn't lose any of its nutritional value. It's also rice-based, making it very sustainable.

Kay Isaacs, Founder of Mindful Meals

The meal packs have been endorsed by a nutritionist.

We've had various tests done in order to maximise the value of the product.

Kay Isaacs, Founder of Mindful Meals

It is available to the public and to various feeding schemes in the community... Because it is so affordable, and especially now with budgets being so tight, this product is literally for every household.

Kay Isaacs, Founder of Mindful Meals

Learn more about Mindful Meals in the audio clip below and on their website: www.mindfulmeals.co.za

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Photo by Mindful Meals on Facebook.com

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