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CAPE TOWN - The total capacity of dams supplying the Cape Town metro increased to just over 95% between 31 August and 6 September.

Water consumption for the same period increased by 21 million litres per day from an average of 633 million litres per day the previous week to 654 million litres per day.

At the same time last year, dam levels were at just over 81% capacity.

City Mayco member for Water and Waste, Xanthea Limberg: "Seeing the dam levels draw nearer and nearer the 100% mark is absolutely riveting. For everyone who grimly watched weather forecasts on the edge of their seats of winters over the past few years, reaching 95.6% is remarkable."

Limberg said that the city was aware that the increase in dam levels was generating questions around water tariffs.

"As previously stated, a reduction in tariffs will be dependent on an increase in consumption. Currently, the city is selling approximately 30% less water than before the drought but is facing additional costs that come with increasing our water security and resilience.

"It is important that the city covers its costs to ensure that the maintenance and augmentation programmes can be carried out. Should the amount of water we are selling significantly increase, this will be factored into the tariffs but given the uncertain impact of climate change, it may not be wise to actively encourage such an approach at this stage."

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This article first appeared on EWN : Water tariff reduction dependent on increase in water consumption - CoCT

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