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Do you remember when Kfm’s Carl Wastie spoke to Sketchy Bongo at the beginning of August (the 8th to be precise) about his new single, ‘Melody’ with Kyle Deutsch; as well as those ZOOM calls that we all love to hate – especially when we’re told to “put your camera on”.

Three weeks later, Sketchy showed why he’s the real MVP, as this South African producer and DJ, who took us ‘Back to the Beach’ and provided us with the Eskom loadshedding love song, ‘Love Me In The Dark’ entered the chart yet again – showing that there’s no slowing him down.

The tropical and Latin-esque track, ‘Melody’, debuted at no.32 on the Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie on Saturday, 29 August 2020.

In order to celebrate and surprise him with the news, Carl gave the masked producer a quick call, but before long Sketchy started questioning the host of the Flash Drive and Kfm Top 40 about why he wasn’t active on TikTok.

Fans of the EDM producer and DJ will know that he is a frequent collaborator with the app that has the world divided – in fact,

TikTok even has an AR face filter that allows you to virtually wear Sketchy Bongo’s signature ski mask. He also has a #MelodyChallenge currently underway on TikTok.

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