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To some, Jeremy Loops is the guy with the loop pedal that brings down the house at live gigs.

To others, he’s the hitmaking musician behind favourites like ‘Down South’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Mortal Man’ that you love singing along to on the radio. To people overseas, he’s the South African artist from Cape Town who helps them feel alive. And to others, he’s a super successful surfer, whose success comes from his work away from the waves.

But to many, particularly over the past few months of lockdown, Jeremy Loops is the philanthropist, responsible for helping feed thousands of hungry Capetonians during this worldwide pandemic that has hit South Africa, in particular, rather hard.

On Saturday, 29 August 2020, Carl Wastie gave Jeremy Loops a quick call on the Kfm Top 40, when his song, ‘Mortal Man’, charted in at no.9 on the Kfm Top 40 to find out how his lockdown initiative, the Big Food Drive was going, but also to find out about the next step in the journey of this initiative: the Big Food Garden.

Whether you’re a fan of this Kommetjie resident or not, you have to admire his heart for a better tomorrow, and his drive to make it possible in a sustainable way, so that it can continue to assist communities.

Jeremy needs your help though! And before you think you can’t make a difference… the truth is you can! He’s already raised R1 million through micro-donations and people pledging what they can afford, which has helped almost 100 soup kitchens feed hungry residents in 6 different impoverished areas in Cape Town.

Find out how you can get involved:

Check out his socials for more info: @jeremyloops

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Image Credit: Jeremy Loops (@jeremyloops) / Instagram, 2020

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