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South African R&B singer and songwriter, Elaine, has signed to Sony-owned Columbia Records.

The 21-year-old has already become a household name as the most-streamed female artist in her home country, with hits like 'You're The One,' and 'Changes'.

And now she's introducing herself to the world.

Elaine joins the Columbia family alongside Adele, Beyonce, John Legend, Solange and more.

With the big announcement this week, Elaine unveiled her highly anticipated sultry new visual for “Risky,” a standout track from her history-making debut EP, Elements.

Watch Elaine's new video 'Risky' here.

As Elaine continues to work on her debut major-label album that will discuss newfound independence and learning accountability, she aims to shed light on South Africa’s burgeoning music scene:

“I've got a completely different story to tell. I'm a representation of every African girl that doesn't want to be boxed in.”

Follow Elaine on Instagram and Twitter.

Image Credit: Supplied / Sony Music

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