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The NGO has played a major role in the food relief efforts across Cape Town during the lockdown.

Ladles of Loves founder Danny Diliberto says the organisation has distributed more than 5.5 million meals since the start of the lockdown.

He says the new advert aims to illustrate how a donatoon can really change a person's life during these difficult times.

"A small act of kindness can make all the difference", he tells CapeTalk host Pippa Hudson.

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It's an animated story about how a donation to Ladles of love slays this Hunger Monster.

Danny Diliberto, Founder at Ladles of Love

A donation can really change a person's life.

Danny Diliberto, Founder at Ladles of Love

With donor fatigue setting in, the advert is an important reminder of the hunger crisis that is still facing the country.

Lesley-Anne Mulder of Outbound Film collaborated with the creative minds from Jupiter Drawing Room to make the touching TV ad pro bono.

WATCH: Donations slay the Hunger Monster in Ladles of Love ad

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Because the donations were coming in, we were able to grow and help 138 beneficiaries who in turn help others.

Danny Diliberto, Founder - Ladles of Love

For me, it has been miraculous. We're sending out 50 tonnes of food... It equates to around 5.5 million meals that we have distributed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Danny Diliberto, Founder - Ladles of Love

Join the fight against hunger by donating here. Alternatively, learn more about how to become a volunteer.

Listen to Danny Diliberto in conversation with Pippa Hudson:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] Ladles of Love NGO creates advert to help mobilise more funding

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