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Lockdown Lowdown is a feature on Tuesday at 13.40 where EB Inglis brings in experts to chat about various topics that could help us during the national lockdown period.

In the audio clip below, EB is joined by Sarah Jacobs of Safepad South Africa to chat about the reusable, antimicrobial sanitary pad developed in Denmark to help girls and women in the community.

Safepad is a reusable menstrual pad. It is a unique pad because it is designed with a permanent antimicrobial treatment which simply means that it disinfects itself on a continuous basis. So it's bacterial and fungus free when you're using it. Even if you wash it in contaminated water this pad will kill off any microbes that come into contact with it.

Sarah Jacobs, Safepad SA

It's a reusable pad that you can use for 4-5 years, it's environmentally friendly and saves you a lot of money.

Sarah Jacobs, Safepad SA

We collaborate with people, private people or initiatives or organisations who are working on addressing period poverty and menstrual health. We've been doing distribution to various places such as schools and shelters for homeless women and safehouses and NGOs.

Sarah Jacobs, Safepad SA

For more on Safepad SA, visit their Facebook Page, HERE.

Listen to the full interview, in the audio clip below

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Image Credit: Facebook / Safepad SA

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