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Still riding the wave of success his last heart-wrenching single “I Don’t Wanna Wait”, Joburg-based singer-songwriter has returned with 'Pink Dragons', a sunny ode to a relationship worth saving.

“The melody really stood out to me because of its upbeat nature and just lent itself to positive and uplifting lyrics," Lee explains when asked about the construction of his latest single.

"At that stage, with the full song being fleshed out, I recorded the song in my bedroom and got to work producing it. The whole song was a very different experience for me because I had never used a guitar as a lead instrument before.”

Ahead of the official release of 'Pink Dragons' on 4 August, Lee Cole exclusively debuted his new single on the Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie.

Listen to what he had to say about the new track in the audio below

The music video for 'Pink Dragons' paints a light and airy pastel-hued picture of a protagonist who’s fighting for his relationship, regardless of the few bumps it seems to have hit.

Watch Lee Cole's 'Pink Dragons' music video below - Directed and shot by Dream Media, and produced by John Degrazio

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Image credit: Facebook / Lee Cole

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