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A large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut, rescue workers are continuing to search through the rabble looking for people who maybe trapped. It is estimated that over a 100 people have deceased and 250 000 people are left homeless and the blast has also destroyed hospitals in the capital.

Ambassador of Lebanon in South Africa, Kabalan Frangieh discussed on the The Midday Report with Mandy Wiener on his shock on the explosion that happened in the city, he says he was in Beruit when there was an explosion happened describing it as if it were like an earthquake he continued explaining that the situation in the city was bad as hospitals were destroyed.

It was apocolytic, it was like a movie.

Kabalan Frangieh - Lebanon Ambassador to South Africa

Frangiegh says from his personal experience despite hospitals struggling with medical equipment and many destroyed, doctors and nurse are working hard and everyone is helping those that have been injured.

Everyone is helping everyone.

Kabalan Frangieh - Lebanon Ambassador to South Africa

It's another level of human getting together, compassion

Kabalan Frangieh - Lebanon Ambassador to South Africa

Jihan Kaisi, a journalist based in Beirut, says this tragedy has added to the economic and COVID-19 pandemic crisis in the country.

The situation is really too sad to be talked about.

Jihan Kaisi - Journalist based in Beirut

We are living a humanitarian tragedy, everyone here is shocked.

Jihan Kaisi - Journalist based in Beirut

There is a big need for blood donation.

Jihan Kaisi - Journalist based in Beirut

Kaisi says people are assisting each other with food and other necessities as they have lost hope in the Lebanese government.

She also says the hospitals are trying to organise mobile clinics as many hospitals have been destroyed and the remaining ones are full, with some not being able to take in the injured patients due to COVD-19 patients.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for an emergency cabinet meeting today.

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