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You probably have an old phone or three in a drawer somewhere.

A new(ish) company, based in Cape Town, wants to buy it from you – and it’s paying cash, instantly.

Founded by Conor Copas in 2018, Flip Phone is an online store where you can buy a certified, pre-owned phone, or sell yours.

“I ordered the new phone at about 11 pm on a Tuesday and the next morning before lunch it was delivered to me,” says Paul W.

“Great service and the phone’s in excellent condition,” muses Ntando N.

“Extremely pleased with the ease of purchase, excellent price and speed of delivery. I got the phone I wanted, and I am very satisfied with it,” says Naresh C.

Kieno Kammies interviewed Copas about his company and the challenges presented by starting a new tech business in South Africa.

There was a gap in the market, and that’s where Flip Phone came in…

Conor Copas, founder - Flip Phone

These old phones aren’t exactly worthless…

Conor Copas, founder - Flip Phone

We have a 70-point inspection… We slap a six-month warranty on it…

Conor Copas, founder - Flip Phone

We’re looking to expand to Huawei…

Conor Copas, founder - Flip Phone

When you look at our prices… you’re going to find great deals…

Conor Copas, founder - Flip Phone

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Get cash for your old Samsung, iPhone. Flip Phone collects, pays out instantly

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