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Human potential and parenting expert Nikki Bush starts Women’s Month with a presentation for the staff of Amazon titled “Which Jacket Are You Wearing Now?” to inspire women to remember the lessons they have learnt and the wisdom they have acquired with each different ‘jacket’ they have worn on their life’s journey.

Bush discussed the lessons she had learnt through the five different jackets she has worn in her life journey.

She first described the first jacket she worn when she was in high school which she says is the jack of connection and acknowledging people around you. She speaks of the time a matriculant's acknowledge her and how that built her confidence.

We can all give each other that gift even today, to acknowledge that people exist that they are really there and acknowledge people for big and small things and that was an amazing gift.

Nikki Bush- Human potential and parenting expert

She then went on to speak of the second jacket she wore when she went overseas in which she describes as the power of reinventing yourself when you enter a new phase in your life whether that being moving to a different place or starting a new job.

It gives you the power to reinvent yourself because you not living anyone else’s expectations of you and you can start building your own picture.

Nikki Bush- Human potential and parenting expert

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She then goes on to explain the third jacket she wore when she studied in university even though she did not register for the cause she wanted she says the power she got was a skill in which has assisted her on the career in which she wanted to be right now which is to be an author and a speak.

Nothing is a waste, nothing is forgotten and nothing lasts.

Nikki Bush- Human potential and parenting expert

Bush then speaks on the fourth jacket she wore which was when she was entering the corporate world and the challenges of having a supervisor who was demanding and how that person’s attitude made her better than good.

She then went on to speak of her last jacket in her journey of life which is when she became what she always wanted to be: an author and a speaker.

I couldn’t have become a speaker and an author without having done all of those things before because everything built up this brand of one and everybody has the opportunity to become a legend in their own life time in their own way.

Nikki Bush- Human potential and parenting expert

Listen below for the full interview ...

This article first appeared on 702 : Exploring how women can show up authentically with resilience and strength

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