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British American Tobacco South Africa (BAT SA) along with tobacco farmers, vendors, and consumers have argued that the cigarette ban infringes on rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Among these rights are the right to trade and the individual right to privacy and bodily integrity.

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Author and publisher Melinda Ferguson is one of the co-applicants in the potentially monumental case in her capacity as a consumer.

Ferguson has made a written submission speaking to the psychological impact of the ban on smokers.

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It's not just the psychological effects of having to stop smoking without any kind of warning, help, medication or any of the crutches smokers need to use but it's also our constitutional rights.

Melinda Ferguson, Co-applicant

It's our autonomy over our bodies and the realm of privacy, which is a very important argument in this case, as well as the right to choose.

Melinda Ferguson, Co-applicant

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