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All over the world, bi-national couples are standing up for love under the #LoveIsNotTourism banner.

In the wake of the pandemic, the closure of international borders has kept international couples and families separated.

To urge governments across the globe to relax travel bans and restrictions, unmarried couples in long-distance relationships are uniting under the hashtag #LoveIsNotTourism so that they can be reunited with their partners.

Couples have stated that they are willing to submit to appropriate safety regulations, which include self-paid test upon arrival and quarantine until a negative result is received or a strict 14-day quarantine.

So far, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Czechia, Iceland, Austria and Switzerland have allowed couples to meet.

Standing in for Darren, Sherlin and Sibs on Kfm Mornings — The Flash Drive host, Carl Wastie spoke to Kim about the Love Is Not Tourism initiative.

Basically, what we are saying is – we understand the reasons for the travel bans and everything in light of the pandemic but in our case, a lot of couples that are being quite badly impacted by the travel bans are in relationships where they are in what's called a bi-national couple.


So, the one lives in one country and the other person lives in South Africa and, for various reasons... but there isn't any formal paperwork in place that says they are married or a legal entity that could afford the partner, who is overseas to come to South Africa during this time.


We were all on-board with the situation in South Africa. We realised why the borders closed and we had to control the virus and get medical facilities and everything in place to be able to cope with the pandemic and, we all sort of went – yeah, three weeks is fine, we can do without our partners for a bit and then it became five weeks, and it got longer and longer and, now some of us haven't seen our partners for five, six (maybe even longer) and it's very heartbreaking to endure.


The uncertainty is just what impacts us the most because we just don't know when things are going to change, in order to afford us the opportunity to be with our partners again.


Carl Wastie surprised Kim by calling up her partner, situated in Florida in the United States. Needless to say, the conversation had us all in tears.

This is something that has been weighing on us... and, a big part of being able to see each other again.


I am crazy about this woman and every day apart is just, incredibly difficult.


Listen to the conversation below!

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

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