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The prohibition on alcohol sales may soon be over.

“May” being the operative word.

About 500 000 people in South Africa are dependent on the alcohol industry for employment.

The sector is hanging its hopes on comments recently made by two senior members of the Medical Research Council that the expected extreme pressure on the country’s healthcare system due to Covid-19 did not materialise.

Positive sentiments shared by Health Minister Zweli Mkhize on Wednesday are also giving some people in the industry hope, especially after the disappointment following SAB's cancellation of a R5 billion investment in South Africa due to the ban.

Lester Kiewit interviewed Kurt Moore, CEO of the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association (Salba).

We have been engaging with Government on lifting the ban… Pressure on beds didn’t materialise… We remain optimistic…

Kurt Moore, CEO - South African Liquor Brand Owners Association

We need to start looking forward… Internationally, there’s talk of a second spike… If we are allowed to start trading, we can’t be sitting on the edge of our seats every time there’s an announcement that the President is about to speak.

Kurt Moore, CEO - South African Liquor Brand Owners Association

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Alcohol industry 'optimistic' that sales prohibition will soon be lifted

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