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Some artists wait a lifetime for a charting single, others wait a lifetime for a number one - but for talented Capetonian artist, it's more a matter of when, rather than if.

On the 11th of July 2020, a week after release, Craig Lucas' new single, 'Happy', made it onto the Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie, breaking a then-record for the highest-debuting South African artist, as he entered the award-winning chart at no.13.

This was Craig's 5th solo single and the 5th song of his to chart - putting him in the unique (and record-breaking) position of the only South African artist to have every song he's released chart: from 'I Said This' to 'Smother' (and the 'Smother' duet with Paxton Fielies) to 'Hearts Exposed' and 'Anti-Sociable'.

Four weeks after debuting on the Kfm Top 40, 'Happy' shot to no.1 on the Kfm Top 40, claiming the prime spot on Saturday, 1 August 2020. This is Craig's second no.1 on the SA Radio Awards' Best Weekend Show & Best Music Show - the former time with his hit single, 'Smother (Duet)' with Paxton.

Carl Wastie called Craig up to surprise him with the news under the pretence of finding out more about his Women's Month concert, which took place on Saturday evening, following the interview.

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Image credit: YouTube / VEVO – Craig Lucas (‘Happy’ Music Video)

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