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Craig Lucas and Robin Pieters are ringing in Women's Month with a special tribute show entitled, 'An Ode to Women'.

Talking to The Flash Drive, Craig shared that the digital show is "essentially a show in honour of women who have been there for us,"

"We found that through our hardest times it's always been females in our lives that have gotten us through... what better way to honour them than through music"

'An Ode to Women' takes place on Saturday, 1 August. Purchase your tickets, HERE.

In the days leading up to the concert, Craig and Robin discovered a video of a woman singing in the street. They were so blown away by her voice that they set out to find her.

With the help of the mystery singers aunt and the social media community, the pair finally reached Shihaam and invited her to join the 'An Ode to Women' line-up.

Watch the heartwarming story in the clips, below.

Listen to the full interview with Craig, Robin and Shihaam below

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