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An online survey has revealed just how stressed South Africans are about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown.

The survey by Debt Rescue shows that 96% of those who took part reported feeling stressed about either their health or their finances.

Eighty-five percent said that their finances had been directly affected by COVID-19.

CapeTalk's Africa Melane unpacked the results of the survey with Debt Rescue's Annaline Van Der Poel.

We're actually seeing companies who were really doing their best to hold on and not have it impact their staff, but their only starting to see the impact now...

Annaline Van Der Poel, COO - Debt Rescue 

People thought that the impact was going to be immediate and that it would maybe start in April or May...

Annaline Van Der Poel, COO - Debt Rescue 

Companies are letting their staff know, - we tried really hard, but it isn't looking that great and the future might be more bleak than we had anticipated.

Annaline Van Der Poel, COO - Debt Rescue 

The survey further reveals that only 26% of respondents had successfully applied for a payment holiday.

Some people never did try, and those who did [but were turned down], didn't have the necessary documentation or meet the criteria.

Annaline Van Der Poel, COO - Debt Rescue 

One of the things the credit providers put out was that you had to be in good standing...so if you were behind in your repayments you wouldn't have qualified.

Annaline Van Der Poel, COO - Debt Rescue 

Listen to the full conversation below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Survey paints dire picture of S. African's mental and financial well-being

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