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The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has introduced a gender-neutral leave policy that allows all employees to take four months of paid parental leave regardless of their gender. This policy makes the provision of all JSE employees who are expecting a newborn or have adopted a child to spend time with their family.

JSE human resources director Donald Khumalo mentioned the key roles that inspired them to make this decision which includes being relatable in a changing society, encouraging the elimination of gender-based policies that could perpetuate stereotypes and employees playing an active role in being apart of their respective families.

We took all these three key things and decided its important for us to change our maternity leave to parental leave which allows all employees to enjoy four months' leave with their child at any given point.

Donald Khumalo, human resources director at Johannesburg Stock Exchange

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The employees can choose to take the leave over four consecutive months with their partners or in a staggered phase.

Khumalo says the response has been great and encouraged corporate South Africa to follow suit as this is a necessary stunt that many people need.

It has been a great response from our colleagues inside the JSE, predominately male colleagues and colleagues of the LGBTQ has been a community who have come out to say: 'Donald this is very progressive, it will allow us the opportunity to play an active role when we decide to adopt a child or when we are blessed with a child.'

Donald Khumalo, human resources director at Johannesburg Stock Exchange

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